PV Advanced Concepts

PV Advanced Concepts  is a solar consultant, PV developer and financial broker focused on small and medium sized commercial and non-profit  projects.  In addition PVAC is engaged in Energy Efficiency projects primarily when they are combined with solar work. Founded in 2009, the company was born out of the need to connect economically viable solar PV projects to reliable and cost effective financing. Today the company has four employees and utilizes an extensive network of industry partners to support projects as needed.

Our approach to the market starts with a thorough understanding of the economics of a market segment: the utility tariffs and incentives, state public policy toward renewable and types of available financing.  Economically viable solar market segments are identified and customers in that segment are contacted to understand if they are interested in renewable energy. PVAC partners with the customer as a consultant who leads and guides the project from initial feasibility through final commissioning.

There are several keys that are vital to PVAC’s success.  First, a strong understanding of solar energy system economics as it applies to the customer is needed.  Second, financial analysis skills are needed to develop a viable financial structure and identify financing.  Another key skill is developing relationships with all key stakeholders, including the customer, the Board of Directors, the general public and the financial and equipment suppliers.  Lastly, another vital competency is finding solutions to issues delaying the progress of a project.


Key resources available include:

-          Experienced solar consultants

-          Experienced solar developers

-          Renewable energy finance

-          Local support

-          Renewable energy policy analyst (Partner of company)

-          Legal Counsel


In its consultant role for municipalities, PVAC is currently engaged with several schools and counties and is working with projects in two Arizona counties and at one Arizona school district.  For each of these projects, PVAC is the consultant for all aspects, including: performing the feasibility analysis, developing and issuing the RFP, interviewing and selecting a supplier, applying for incentives and ultimately delivering the project. PVAC will be paid upon the start of construction.  In its financial brokering role, PVAC is working with solar developers to performing the project financial analysis and selecting financing partners to funds the projects.