Solar Consultant

In its consultant role for municipalities, PVAC is currently engaged with several schools and counties and is working with projects in two Arizona counties and at one Arizona school district.  For each of these projects, PVAC is the consultant for all aspects, including: performing the feasibility analysis, developing and issuing the RFP, interviewing and selecting a supplier, applying for incentives and ultimately delivering the project. PVAC will be paid upon the start of construction.  In its financial brokering role, PVAC is working with solar developers to perform the project financial analysis and selecting financing partners to fund the projects.

PV Advanced Concepts works as a consultant to the host of the solar system. In this role PVAC represents the host using PVAC's expert knowledge and experience to guide the host through all aspects of conducting a feasibility study, understanding and applying the incentives opportunities, determining the best supplier and assisting in implementation of the system.

- PVAC clients have received over 1 MW of incentives through the APS Schools and Government program.